Mindful Art Workshops
Mindful Art Workshops

Mindful Art Workshops - From May 6th to 10th

Mindfulness gains more and more in popularity, especially in these times of stress, crisis and an accelerating pace of life.  Mindfulness is accepted as a healing tool in modern healthcare and therapy. Regularly practicing mindfulness and meditation have been shown to reduce distress and improve physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

Mindfulness combines Buddhist wisdom and meditation with Western knowledge. Instead of your being driven by your thinking, expectations and fears, you become aware of the present and start living in the moment. You gain control of the moment because you learn to respond consciously rather than to react automatically.

In these workshops we will combine art and mindfulness meditation. Producing art involves what is necessary to reach the state of mind called mindfulness, and mindfulness makes art more authentic and brings out one’s creative and inspired self. These workshops will let you experience how art increases self-awareness.

We will work with commercial art materials (clay, paint and crayons) and materials found in nature. Whenever you begin a new project or exercise, we will help you start. 

It is not our goal for you to create conventionally beautiful pictures - this isn’t an art class. It’s not even necessary to have had experience in doing art. You even may consider yourself non-creative, but in fact everyone is creative!  We, at a certain point of our childhood stopped showing proudly to others what we had made  because we had become too self-critical.

In these workshops you will be led on an inspiring journey through mindful art. You will tap into your creative self by mindfully engaging your senses. You will be ‘in the moment‘ in a quiet, visually stimulating experience in the wonderful  environment of ‘ Eremo‘ .

These mindful art workshops are led by a qualified art therapist and mindfulness trainer, Esther Meijer.  

She has more than 20 years of experience in leading groups and individuals in art therapy and mindfulness training. Now she combines the benefits of both for anyone who wants to learn to handle stress and live in a more inspired and focussed way.

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