authentic Rolex
authentic Rolex

How to recognize an authentic Rolex

Rolex watches are as beautiful as desired; for this reason, there are a lot of fakes. Therefore, how is it possible to recognize an authentic Rolex? In this guide we will provide some very useful tips to avoid scams.

An authentic Rolex: key elements

To make sure that the Rolex’s identification is complete, some elements are necessary:

  • Box of the specific model: it can be either in wood or in leather and generally it is enclosed in a boxed protective case;
  • Various accessories: inside the package there must be a user guide, a proof of purchase, a certificate of authenticity and the leather document holder. In addition, an authentic Rolex has a red seal;
  • Guarantee certificate: the serial and the model numbers have to be the same as those on the watch.

Main features of an authentic Rolex

In order to recognize the authenticity of a Rolex you should also check the following aspects:

  • Place of origin: it must be the same of the one of the manufacturer;
  • Reference and serial number: these numbers that are engraved on the case must be the same of the ones on the guarantee paper;
  • The bracelet: an authentic Rolex bracelet is characterized by three-piece links construction. In Rolex replica watches each link is made of one piece of metal which is folded to create it.
  • The second hand: it doesn’t have to be longer than 2-3 millimetres and doesn’t have to shift abruptly from each second position to the next. In addition, the light dot on the second hand has to brush the tip of the triangle at 12 o’clock;
  • The ferrule: when moved it must align perfectly with the minutes on the dial;
  • Micro etching on the crystal: on the sapphire crystal there is an etched small crown, more precisely at 6 o’clock;
  • The fonts used for the numbers should align exactly with the second hand as it passes over them. Furthermore, the fonts of an authentic product are always well defined while the imitation ones tend to be realized in a rough and approximate way;
  • Rolex logo: an authentic Rolex logo will also be found on the box of the bracelet;
  • Date numbers: they have to be perfectly in the middle of the magnifying glass;
  • Number 4: the inside part has to be formed of four small edges. In a Rolex replica the edges are well defined;
  • The crown: the crown on an authentic Rolex consists of a single metal piece and it isn’t absolutely glued. In addiction, there are three small dots edged on it.
  • Hologram encored sticker on the Rolex back: a genuine Rolex comes out with a sticker to identify the brand and the model’s number. To see the hologram you just have to turn the watch.
  • Pins: they have a small groove to allow the insertion of the screwdriver, and a thread. Imitation Rolex don’t have such pins.

The mechanism of an authentic Rolex

Counterfeiters have become very able at reproducing Rolex watches over the years. Therefore, you have to focus your attention on the mechanical part rather than on the aesthetic part since those who realize imitations tend to not invest large sums of money for the first aspect. To recognize an authentic model from a fake one it is recommended to take it to the jewellery you trust to have it dissembled and analysed. If you want to buy a Rolex watch but you are not able to distinguish an authentic product autonomously, it is recommended to go to an authorized dealer. To meet the one closest to your home just consult the official website of the brand. The prices will be much higher but for sure you will take home a 100% authentic watch.