All you need to know about the: Contestís Wix for SEO

Wix today is a platform that you can be used to realize your personal blog or web sites, Wix is a website that is created for the SEO heroes ? We don’t know but your intention are to plan a big buttle against of SEO of all over the world.

If you are an SEO expert and think that you can reast everyone behind you, you can to try in the quest of becoming an SEO hero and go to subscribe at the SEO HERO Contest !!!

What is Wix framework for SEO?

Right: we are talking about the Wix content for SEO and the competition against this platform and wordpress, many SEO of all country of the world use wordpress and this is the real reason that push to launch that contest.

How can you enter in this context ?

Now we are helping you out with telling you can enter the competition, this is the main rule:

  • you have to create a website in the English language on any platform
  • the subject of the website must focus on the SEO
  • optimize the website with the keyword “SEO hero

The first in SERP ( one getting the highest rank ) in the search engine will be the winner of the contest as well as of $50,000 that are paid by wix !!! The real rules set to be followed by the people ?

This is the certain rules set by the organizers to make certain that the competition:

  • purchase the domain you are about to submit on or after 16 November 2016.
  • Open an account with Google Search and Google Analytics by February 16, 2017.

Why should you participate in the competition?

If you are considering yourself to be an SEO HERO and has not been able to prove it for any reason, this competition will give you a big chance to your competitors and to be the first in the top of the list of SEO Heroes.

This Wix competition is all you need to prove your skills today !!!

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