the most gorgeous places in the world
the most gorgeous places in the world

Capturing the essence of Italy

Italy is one the most gorgeous places in the world!

This country has a lot of special things to offer. In addition, the people of Italy are very friendly and welcoming, the wine and food are wonderful and this country is home of the greatest works of art and architecture. That’s why we ended up being filmmakers, to capture all these beauty. Being able to immortalize the people, culture, fantastic locations and true emotions that this country can offer, for us is priceless.

Let’s see what makes this country so special.

Miles and miles of coastline with unique beaches and stunning views, like Taormina where the extraordinary beauty of this town, with its ancients vestige, worth it the name of “patch of paradise”, gave by the famous writer Goethe; Capri one of the most glamorous island resorts, everything in this island is blooming and brightly colored, even the flowers with their delicious and penetration perfume filled the air; the Amalfi Coast where coastal mountains fall into the Mediterranean sea in a fantastic vertical scene of historic houses and nature; or Cinque Terre, Portofino and Sardinia, just to name a few examples.

 Art and architecture in Italy were properly refined and reinforced during Roman times. While many regions of Italy developed independently after the fall of the Roman Empire, the Italian Renaissance marked next prime of the art scene. The incredible city of Rome contains an exceptional artistic patrimony; glorious testimony to its great past and the imposing rests of its magnificent history throughout all the period of the Roman Empire.

Michelangelo, Raphael and Leonardo da Vinci influenced the Renaissance as Bernini and Borromini influenced the baroque in Italy.  For art and architecture fanatics, Italy is a paradise with an invaluable wealth of works and places. Many of these artist where victims of the Italian charm and spend their life representing its beauty, panoramas and traditions and trying to capture the true essence of Italy.

Other fantastic historic cities of Italy are Florence where every corner is full of glorious monuments, art and architecture. Artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Brunelleschi gave the best of their talent to this city.  Verona, a city surrounded by the traces of its ancient history: roman ruins, medieval vestiges and the Arena, the ancient amphitheater built by the Romans, famous for its opera performances, it is one of the best preserved ancient structures of its kind.

Unique cities as Venice, a romantic city build on water with stunning basilicas and gondolas or in northern Italy where the mountains are riddle with gorgeous lakes and you can find picturesque villages as Lake of Como.

History and modernity weave together throw the crowded streets of the cosmopolitan city of Milan, the second most populous city in Italy and the capital of Lombardy Region. Situated in the North and surrounded by famous and captivating lakes and a quiet countryside, Milan is not only the economical, financial and commercial pole of Italy, but also the capital of the fashion.

Everything is magic in this country.

Imagine to experience your days in completely relax and peacefulness, in the middle of the Tuscany countryside surrounded by uncontaminated nature, where you can enjoy the simplicity of genuine things like the fantastic cuisine and greatest wines that this lands can offer you as well as immerse yourself in the magnificent landscapes and admire beautiful sceneries and colorful sunsets.

All this gorgeous places wouldn’t be anything without people and when in this incredible lands people and stories take place, everything became magic.

Love stories are the most powerful events and became real only when shared. The most fantastic example of great stories is when a couple decide to get married in Italy and every time we feel really pleased to put all this emotions and all this beauty together, as Italian videographers, in a Wedding Film.

So, we believe that being destination wedding videographers it’s one of the most beautiful jobs in the world! And we’ll continue capturing the essence of this stories with passion and enthusiasm.