Lake Como luxury hotel - Grand Hotel Tremezzo
Lake Como luxury hotel - Grand Hotel Tremezzo

Grand Hotel Tremezzo: A Must Visit Place!

Located in the heart of Southern Europe, Italy is the home to some of the world’s most spectacular sceneries, pristine beaches, alpine ranges, gorgeous lakes and colorful culture and all has to offer variety of destinations that you and your family would love if you are planning to spend your holiday or vacation in this beautiful country. Tourists can greatly avail some amazing vacation options either in beach holidays amongst the blue and wonderful beaches across Sicily such as those of the coast of Taormina and Mondello are few of the beautiful and gratifying seaside destinations in Italy.

But if you like the tranquility of some lakeside vacation, then you have to get yourself ready for the delightful surprise of Italy as the place have some gorgeous lakes holidays that will surely amaze your eyes- especially the magnificent Lake Como located in North of Italy that is surrounded by green chestnut woods! If you are still looking for a great place where you and your loved ones can stay during your vacation or holiday extravagance, Grand Hotel Tremezzo is the right choice for you! Grand Hotel Tremezzo is a Lake Como luxury hotel, a five star known for its modern and elegant concept with its amazing interior & exteriors that will surely satisfy not only your eyes but also your whole stay in Italy.

Since it started its operation, it already keeps on surprising and astonishing its guest with each new designs, concepts and with the excellent service that the hotel is offering- no wonder why Grand Hotel Tremezzo had become one of the best hotel in the world. This stunning hotel was built especially to cater large number of guest that contains finest suites, exclusive halls and superb rooms, making it one of the highest standard hotels in whole Europe! Their staff will also treat you like a royalty in your entire stay in the hotel, with their best quality service and friendly crew. You also don’t have to stroll around to view the wonderful lake sceneries, because from suite you can already overlook the beauty of Lake Como.

Trips from and to the hotel are also very convenient. One of the most enjoyable things to do while spending your stay in the place is traveling around Italy through their high-class limousine service. You’ll definitely enjoy each sites around the city while riding in the limousine like a celebrity or royalties. Also to mention that most of the famous people like celebrities, executives and VIPs consider Grand Hotel Tremezzo as their haven on special/executive gatherings and holidays. Even if you are not a VIP or celebrity, you’ll surely guarantee that Grand Hotel Tremezzo will offer you only their best quality service, safety & security that you need while enjoying your stay.

Grand Hotel Tremezzo is also superior in terms of their especial foods and cuisine. The hotel offer finest gourmet and mouthwatering delicacies made by their best Italian Maestro Marchesi. While overlooking the enticing Lake Como, you can also wine & dine in their luxurious La Terazza restaurant, or if you want to have a little privacy with your especial someone, a la carte dinner for 2 will be served to you right in the privacy of your suite. But if you like a romantic dinner to savor your moment being together, they also serve a romantic candle light dinner served to you with the famous Italian chief Maestro Marchesi.

For ultimate relaxation, the hotel also provides a super-stylish T-Spa that offers treatments from the world’s most exclusive beauty providers-ESPA. Everyone who enters the place will surely be amazed by the panoramic view facing the spectacular lake while relieving their stress with various wellness and beauty treatments that are especially served for Grand Hotel Tremezzo guests. All products used in their treatment were made especially made to relax the body after the tiring day of your Italy tour.

The Grand Hotel Tremezzo is also a great place for exclusive conferences & meetings, one of the main reason why many executives around Italy and even worldwide chose to stay in this world-class hotel-for both business & leisure purposes.

If you want to enjoy a luxurious life in Italy, you’ll definitely find it all in Grand Hotel Tremezzo! Staffed with their excellent service, world-renowned chef, dependable crew, friendly receptionist and wide range delicious cuisine, rest assured that you will be treated with utmost care and enjoyable stay. So if you wanted to have an extraordinary and memorable experience in Italy, there is only one place where you should go- the Grand Hotel Tremezzo.