production of pipes
production of pipes

Bcf, leader in processing of copper tube for the production of pipes, coils, manifolds

As part of the industrial development and growth, specialization is undoubtedly essential to achieve excellence both during production and during selling of products. A good and concentrated specialization also requires a close team able to work together and reach constantly new results and goals. So are essential advanced skills up to date and ongoing training that includes any new processing techniques of materials and uses of the same within the industry.

When it comes to industrial production undoubtedly, Italy has always highlighted its importance for the processing of raw materials and excellence on production that is part of the national tradition itself. In particular of the area of ​​the northeast that has managed to reinvent itself and to specialize even becoming competitive abroad, not only in Europe but also all over the world. And it is the case of BCF Italia, an Italian company based in Udine (Friuli Venetia Giulia), specialized in the processing of copper tube for the production of pipes, coils, manifolds, complex assemblies and components used for the transport of fluids and gases for conditioning industries.

A specialization that has made it very clear to say at European level in the field allowing the company to introduce its expertise to many company that now rely constantly BFC Italy for the production of components and for the installation of various types of machinery. A specialization so precise and accurate allows the company to invest constantly in the works and innovation through qualified technicians in each production process, and professional assistance during installation and plant.

Decades of experience have led the company and the team that in it to create components that can adapt to all types of systems that require them with the required specifications. The attention to detail that has allowed the company to establish itself among the European leaders gaining a rewarding space with exceptional attention to detail and quality of raw materials carefully selected. Important also became the role of designers and engineers who, working with qualified production-worker at the end of the plant, examining carefully every detail to ensure that all components will be made to measure and fit perfectly to the needs of end users.

Rely on BCF Italia for the realization of copper components means rely on specialists in the field, able to satisfy all your needs in terms of skills required and product customization with the certainty of having specialist forefront ready to produce components of the highest quality.