fountain pen
fountain pen

The history of fountain pen

The fountain pen is without any doubt one of the most fascinating articles among office supplies with a rich history, in addition to having traced the story of writing, gives the calligraphic lines elegant and charming able to make every single page handwritten a really artcraft. Just think of the big studios calligraphic or all of the lessons on this particular discipline that in recent centuries occupied many hours of training both for kids and adult persons.

Fountain pen has a long story that ends where that of the inkwell and feather used with the technological evolution led him to develop an instrument so delicate as it is functional. In fact, the history of the fountain pen starts already in the tenth century when the Egyptian Imam asks its inventors to create a tool for writing with an equal level of features calligraphic feather but that does not get dirty with ink. Based on these requests was created a completely new instrument where the ink resided in a small tank and down inside the pen using the rudimentary principles of capillarity and gravity.

If we focus in Europe's first major factory making fountain pens was the German Pelikan who took his pen on the market in 1929, drawn up on the basis of the use of the innovative semi solid ink Croatian company Svavoliub Penkala. The introduction of this pen led to a revolution in the market and started the mass production of these objects, which became an integral part of everyday life from the one linked to the formation and bureaucracy.

Despite the use and dissemination of the fountain pen has been supplanted by the more comfortable ballpoint and without a doubt this type of pen keeps intact its charm becoming the protagonist of fine gifts and just outline for important moments. A true evergreen of class and style that will never find a substitute.